Moose Charters

See One of Nature's Most Majestic Creatures

See One of Nature's Most Majestic Creatures

Go on a moose safari in the Mercer, ME area

Maine is one of the few places in the U.S. where moose thrive. If you've always wanted to see these animals in the wild, arrange for a moose safari with Tonde Guide Service Inc.

We take tourists like you on custom moose charters in and near Mercer, ME. You and your friends or family will enjoy a scenic ride through Maine's forests while looking for these giants.

If you've never seen a moose before, you're in for a treat. Be sure to bring your camera.

Call 207-397-4972 now to learn more about our moose charters.

Moose facts you probably never knew

Did you know that...

  • The moose is Maine's state animal?
  • Moose are members of the deer family?
  • A fully grown bull moose weighs over half a ton?

You'll learn so much about these animals during your moose safari that you could win a trivia contest. Contact us today to arrange for a charter in the Mercer, ME area.